Getting lost in Prague — an easy Traveller’s Guide in three steps | Step IIb

Written by a co-traveller, January 06

The end of the story shall not be delayed until 2010!
So here comes the last but one part

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Step IIb: Taking pictures
As the only one waking up already by 10:30 in the morning I decide, after a very hot shower, to have a short stroll through the very nice and historical district »Josefstadt«, just me, my camera and my mp3-player. I am eager to see one of the zchech cubism buildings of Prague: the building at Elisky Krasnohorske 10–14 by Otakar Novotny (1919–1921), of which I only heard one month before. Have a short oversight over the history and aims of zchech cubism on: Czech Cubism Image Tour if you like. For example the famous »black madonna« in the center of prague is a cubist building, too.

I find the building to be very interesting in its prismatic shapes and am very enthousiastic about it, though it is not a very pretty building. I am also fetching a second breakfast, much (if much is not to unstrong a word), exceedingly, overwhelming better than the first one: sweet goodies and pastries from the bakery Mansson in Bilkova 8/6.

The group reassembles in the foyer at ~13:00 and resolves about following day schedule:

1. Finding an original cheap czech restaurant in order to eat knedliky.

Being some kind of tourists our plan was crossing the river via the charles bridge (to see it once in daylight) and searching for a restaurant in the so-called lesser town — but we really weren’t in the right condition to take this great task. It took us pretty long to get to the charles bridge. The memory of this walk is very strange, narrow, surrealistic and horrible to me. All these crowds of fast moving and chittering people and in between them 7 zombies who were just searching for something to eat and required some more sleep.

Only Matthias was quite fit and often stayed behind in order to make some pictures. It’s pretty clear in retrospective that this time he’ll have to get lost. Arriving at charles bridge the crowd discourages us: crossing this bridge together with 1000 other people in the same time would be too much for our slowticking still semi-drunk minds. So we turn left and are heading for the new town. Unfortunately Matthias was not aware of that and started crossing charles bridge without being noticed by the others. He discovers that he ist lost about half an our later, in the middle of the charles bridge and phones us.

By this time we successfully found the very kind of restaurant we were searching for. Again M., the older one is heading for fetching the lost one, while the rest is seated in the restaurant, scanning the card with glowing eyes: knedliky and pancakes are our reward.

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